More Praise for Ready!

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I’ve gotten a lot of really kind reviews for “Ready Rabbit Gets Ready.” If you’re on the fence about picking up your own copy, maybe a few of these links will help.  And thanks to these folks who wrote such nice things. I’m very glad you’re enjoying the book.

Take a look:

Also, read this one from the Busy Librarian:

Ready Rabbit Day



Thank you, Barnes & Noble!

Today was Ready Rabbit Day! All across the country—at more than 700 Barnes & Noble stores— “Ready Rabbit Gets Ready” was read aloud to young readers. More

On Display


If you should happen to be strolling through Barnes & Noble during the fine month of February, you might encounter a wonderful display. As I mentioned, “Ready Rabbit Gets Ready” has been selected by Barnes & Noble as their Picture Book of the Month for February.





So, I was browsing in my local BARNES & NOBLE and came across the most delightful book….


“Ready Rabbit” is really real. It’s been a long time coming, believe me.

Mouse is OUT


By now you should have received your copy of “This is Mouse” if you pre-ordered it. It’s the book that everyone is talking about. Get out your fabric and scissors and get busy. Join Mouse on his adventures to the South Pole, Outer Space and on Safari.