So Fun, Sew Fun

Sew Fun by Deborah Fisher

Sew Fun by Deborah Fisher


Hey folks, I heard from Deborah Fisher today. Check out her book, “Sew Fun.” I LOVE the cover of this book. I need to get a copy as soon as I can to see how these great lions are made.  Deborah’s just got her blog up and running now, so be sure to check her out at:


Squirrel Update

Feeding the little squirrel baby

Feeding the little squirrel baby


The two little squirrels that fell from the sky have been at City Wildlife for a few weeks now. I see them every Saturday. Their eyes have opened, so they look back at me while I feed them. Such soft, sweet, almond eyes. More

Supersizing It, Part 2

Killer grasshopper

Killer grasshopper

So, I think I told you that my publisher had asked me to make a large gremlin to promote my third book, “Sock It To Me.” They had asked me to make it life size from a bunch of sweaters. That all seemed fine, except I really did feel bad about having to resort to sweaters. I did not, afterall, write three books about making things out of sweaters. I didn’t really know the first thing about sweaters.

No, socks were really my bag. As the days wore on, the guilt was almost too much. I knew that I was going to have to make something else. Something else that was large but made out of socks. Something interesting. More

Supersizing It



Awhile back, my publisher called to ask me to do something. “We need a sock creature,” they said. “For promotion purposes.”  Okay…what sort?  ”A big one,” they said. big?  ”Life size,” they said. Come again? More

So, This Thing Happened…

She fell from the sky....

She fell from the sky….


So, this thing happened. And it really has nothing to do with socks or sock creatures or sewing or anything, really. It was this strange, random thing, and it was so odd that I needed to write it all down to process it. And now that I have it all written down, I’m just going to post it because, well, I don’t know. It’s good to tell people about strange, random things sometimes.

So, here goes: More

New Creations

Lina's giraffe. Or is it  a deer?

Lina’s giraffe. Or is it a deer?

Lina from Singapore recently tried her hand at sock creatures. She made a number of wonderful animals (See Your Turn) for her young son. She was trying to make her son’s favorite animal, which is a giraffe. Alas, I have never successfully made a sock giraffe, so I looked at Lina’s with great interest. I think it is wonderful. She’s a bit worried it might look too much like a deer. Nonsense, I say!  This is very clearly a charming giraffe. I’m guessing her son will love it.

Bunnies Gone Wild!

Camping bunnies

Camping bunnies

So, a very gifted seamstress and all-around lovely woman named Michelle has sent me a delightful series of photos. Michelle lives in Colorado and took time this summer to teach a few of her friends how to make sock bunnies. They were on a camping trip when this lesson occurred, which would never have occurred to me; so naturally, I think it’s brilliant! More

My Sister Knits

My sister knits. A lot. For me.

My sister knits. A lot. For me.


My sister knits. And when I use the word “knits,” you should know that the word used in this context is synonymous with “creates devastatingly beautiful works of art for people to wear.” I do not knit. And when I say this, know that what I mean is: “I can only knit, not purl, and in all my feeble attempts I have only managed a long scarf that looks like it was knitted by a drunken truck driver” (lots of weaving allll over the road on that one. Truly awful.). I tried to knit a scarf for her once, but it came out afghan size, and I’ve never had the nerve to show it to her.

So, it should come as no surprise when I say that I am deeply envious of my sister’s ability. More

More Original Creations

Image 8


Earlier I showed you a fantastic little creature a reader in Germany created—a suricate. Now I’d like to show you a few new sock creations. These come from 12-year-old Luke. Check out more of his work on the Your Turn tab. He’s got some great stuff.