Doors Closing — A Novel

Claire Edwards is up to her eyeballs in high-maintenance people: A reporter that smells like a hamster, a managing editor obsessed with the weather, a source that color-codes his food and demands elaborate, secret protocols before divulging even the most basic information. She yearns to leave the confines of the second-rateWashington Ledger for the big leagues of The Washington Post, but knows that will never happen until she tries her hand at some high profile stories.

When Carmen Trias, a public relations flak for the Metro system winds up dead on a running path in Maryland, there are no obvious signs of trauma and no reasonable explanation for why she is missing her shoes and socks.

Claire begins “covering” the story in an unconventional way. By the time her week is over, she is mistaken for a grieving relative, endures a humiliating visit to the city’s morgue, takes a not-so-leisurely tour of the city’s subway tunnels, and unknowingly irritates Carmen’s killer to the point where she becomes the killer’s next target.

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