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Worry much? I do. Too much, maybe. But I don’t worry alone. No, not anymore. I have a pod of Worry Worts who help worry with me. They’re a real comfort. If you’d like to learn how to make one, you’ve come to the right place. Just click on the link below for the pdf of the pattern!


Worry Wort

Free Pattern for Sock Snake

Free Pattern for Sock Snake

Photo by Brenna MaloneyTHE SNAKE—From “Socks Appeal”

The knee high sock, you will find, is good for many things. Not for wearing, of course. Good grief, no. Who wants to wear a sock that high? Are your calves really going to get cold? What sort of pants are you wearing? That may be the problem right there. No, I suggest you put those knee highs of yours to a much better use: Turn them into snakes! More

Free Pattern for Sock Piggy

Free Pattern for Sock Piggy

Free is good, right? Free donut? Yum! Free box of Junior Mints? Yum, yum! Free case of poison ivy? Well, not so much, maybe. But what about a FREE sock pattern? Oooooooooooooo…

Today we have a little piggy that yearns to be free and only you can free her. She’s trapped in an unsuspecting pair of pink anklets. If you follow my oh-so-detailed instructions and say the magic words at just the right moment, you will succeed. And she will be so grateful, she will follow you home. This pattern is dedicated to my friend at C&T Publishing, Teresa Stroin. It was all her idea, although it was so long ago, she may not even remember.

All set to get started? Let’s go!